The best way of printing your portraits

I can tell with certainty that any of us at one or another moment has expressed a desire to have some portrait pictures in our rooms. This is quite a natural desire, as every human intends to grasp a certain degree of perfection, with art and design being one of its limitless aspects. For a modern writer, like I am, this could be questionable as to what is better: a new keyboard or a picture frame. But as soon as you enter in a state when you are no longer hating things and are more or less satisfied with what surrounds you on a daily basis, the desire to create some additional decorations is unavoidable.

logo_portraitsOf course, once again if we talk about advanced youth, that are very much connected to their computers and gadgets, and at times even whatever things they hold in their hand can create in them so much involvement that is even making them forget where they are and allow them completely emerge in what they are doing, the decorations could mean changing one or another device’s wallpapers and sorting out the desktop icons, if you wish. The girlish instinct would often find expression in making selfies, but to be honest all of that, although justifiable up to a certain degree, is still childish.

26600_300As we grow up, we really want something different. As we grow up, it becomes the time to make a shift from an observer, who only downloads the beautiful pictures and sets them as their wallpaper in order to achieve some decorative aspect (as we’ve already referred to this process above) to a maker, who actually achieves and creates things. Don’t you agree that it’s better to be the one who creates than the one who pictures and downloads your creations? Hence, as soon as you realize this transgression, you will pretty much want to stick with the classical portrait pictures.

magenta-pop-portrait-01And so, here comes the question, what would be the best way of printing them? See, before they could use paper printers and put them into frame, but this approach is dead old. Nowadays, a cheaper and the more elegant method is the canvas printing. With canvas printing your picture comes out laminated and stretched into a canvas, so it doesn’t even need any stupid frames and can fit into ANY interior without exception.