Canvas & Décor – Canada printer reviews

This printer shop has been one of the most notable in the whole Canada, and as it has hundreds of physical shops as well as provision of shipping, thousands of Canadians become their customers every day. Let’s provide some of the canvas & décor reviews then, from their actual customers:

7705-189HPOfficeJetH470closedI’m a professional photographer, and I’ve been in this industry for 20 years. I can tell by heart what’s the difference of every single Canon and Nikon lenses. I know all the different kinds of printing papers, and the styles of printing, but at times providing the optimal quality and the price for my clients was quite challenging. Although 90% of the customers wouldn’t notice much difference between a cheap and professional photo-paper and I could simply market them at almost no cost, at heart I always had the emphasis on integrity, so I would never go so low just to fill my pockets with cash. When I tried the Canvas & Décor printing services, I suddenly realized that my photo works didn’t have to cost much to be printed out in their best quality. The price and quality ratio was simply amazing, so I actually recommended it to all of my colleagues.

Canada printer reviewsCanada is a very cold country, and it often happens here that even the printer inks are getting dry / frozen and this ruins a lot of printing equipment. I once have had a printing lab on my own, but due to the high cost of maintenance I just had to shut it down. Thankfully, I discovered a good alternative to home printing, which is Canvas & Décor. They provide a very nice option of printing photos directly into a canvas and this not only saves the costs of the lamination as such, but also does not require purchasing any frames at all! After working with them for almost a year, I have realized that I could save as much as thousand dollars, which is unbelievable!

mojo_print_packI was planning to make some decorations in our living room and the picture turned out to be the best possible idea, especially as we had a great piece of empty space just above the sofa. At first, we were considering frames, but I hesitated to make the purchase as they were pissing me off. It is then I discovered Canvas & Décor and the canvas printing turned out to be an excellent alternative… fitted perfectly in our room.