The canvas printing and its usual pricing

canvas_printsCanvas printing is a cheap technique that is seen a natural successor to the old ugly frames. A typical canvas printout could cost you anywhere from $5 to $15, which is much less than the price of an actual frame! Today we are going to give some more details about its manufacturing process and clarify how each steps affect their final price.

The costliest thing in a canvas print could be named abstractly as the printing equipment. Why am I giving the abstract terms in an article that was supposed to be detailed? Because here, no one could actually determine how much this printing equipment affects the price. In order to clarify it a little bit further, I’ll say that printing expenses could be divided into two categories.

canvas-printing-picThe first, and the most obvious is the cost of the ink. Depending to the printout it could cost as much a dollar or even more! If the portrait is small, maybe around the A4 size, it would take less than a dollar, maybe around 50 cents or something. As the canvas printing is done on the plastic, it requires some special ink, and the whole technique is also more wasteful. Hence, we get such high price.

This is pretty much similar to the situation with photo-paper printing. Although both the office paper and photo-paper are papers, the first consumes only fraction of ink compared to the other. An expensive ink would also mean that there is no room for mistakes and each portrait should be printed out properly in a single try. For this, they even use some specialized software, by the way.

home-canvas-3Although the cost of ink is pretty much constant, the cost of printers is not. This is what makes the second element of this printing price equation – the depreciation. With every printout the print head of a printer wears out, and so every single printout adds an additional cost. Similarly, at some point the printer itself may become inoperable and would require a replacement.

In the busy printing environment the depreciation costs appear quite low, but when printing is being done only occasionally, the print nozzles dry out and cause a considerable price increase. The other elements of the canvas printouts cost almost nothing. A piece of plywood and a laminated plastic cost less than 50 cents all together.