Canvas printing vs traditional frames

Canvas printingJust until recently, when someone wanted to a hang a picture on their walls, they always referred to the use of frames, as if it was the one and only method. Today we’ve been presented with a much convenient alternative, which is called canvas printing. What are the pluses and advantages of this new solution, and how exactly they are better than frames? These questions we shall answer now in a detail.

The first and the most prominent advantage of canvas is that it doesn’t mess with the interior. Why on earth would someone invent the frames in the first place? Simply because pictures were printed on a cheap piece of paper that was too vulnerable and required to have a solid frame on the background. This technique could only protect the picture from deforming, but it would by no means provide the protection from anything else.

Canvas printing vs traditional frameIt is then, the artists have actually figured to place it under a piece of glass. This has solved two problems at the same time, as it finally gave the frames protection from dust and the damage resistance from the front side. Now, even if someone touched the frame with their dirty and foul hands, the actual piece of printout paper would remain unaffected; furthermore, the glass could be easily washed with a decent detergent.

However the use of frames has brought three major problems, which could never be resolved during the epoch of its existence. The first thing is a ridiculous weight. Traditional frames weight the more the bigger the size of the picture. If you want a more or less a meter tall portrait, the frame would weigh anywhere between 8 and 12 kilos, which made it a complete garbage!

Canvas printing vs traditional framesFurthermore, such ridiculous weight would require special openings in the wall, as the regular holes wouldn’t do anymore. Another huge disadvantage is the actual border frame, which mutilated millions of portraits throughout the history. I really hate the borders –they waft the feeling of antiquity, and by no means are compatible with the modern art.

Third major disadvantage could be defined as the mixture of fragility, high price and poor interior compatibility, making it altogether a mere eyesore. Canvas printing though, has none of its disadvantages! The canvas portraits are light, durable, have no border and even cost less…