Essentials For Your First Apartment

It is a big step that everyone will take at one point in their life, moving out from their parent’s house. It can be an overwhelming situation, but it is one in which both parents and children are both thrilled and saddened at the same time. However, for those of you who are moving into their first apartment, mobile home, or trailer there are several essentials that you should either have or purchase within the first few weeks. Clearly, not every item will be touched on as that would prove a long and grueling task. So, let’s just focus on the biggest ones to get you started.


Sitting on the floor will get old after two seconds, so you are going to need various furniture throughout your new place of residence. This could include futons, couches, kitchen chairs, mattresses, and dining tables. The problem is when you first move out, you probably are not made of cash. Whatever means you may find to get some furniture, do so. If your parents are willing to send you with some, great. But, if not, go to garage sales and flea markets to see if you can find some at a discount.

The Internet

It is highly debatable for some whether this should qualify under an essential item. Obviously, if you work from home or are enrolled in online classes the internet could be considered mandatory. However, even for casual use, it is a highly dependable form of entertainment. With the digital age in full domination, the internet is at a high-demand. So, if your place of residence does not offer an internet package be sure to call various providers in your area to get hooked up. Eating up your data on your smartphone, or connecting to local hotspots, will not replace a steady internet connection in the long run.

Microwave Oven

There is a high probability that during your first place of residence, you will either be in college or at a low-wage job. Not singling anyone out, that is just the general way the world is structured. Whether you want to admit it or not, this means you may be limited on the groceries you buy every week. To save money, you may settle for several boxed and frozen dinners, as well. Thus, it will come in handy for you to have a microwave oven. In addition, starting out you most likely have an insufficient amount of time on your hands and a microwave will speed up your meal times. While you may have to spend some money initially, it will end up being worth it. To get an idea of what some microwave ovens have in store, be sure to head to for a look at a great model.

Cookware and Bakeware

Just because you may be aiming to keep your weekly grocery list at a minimum and cheap does not mean you should completely sacrifice well-cooked meals. Even with box dinners, and especially with meats, you will want proper cooking equipment. In specific, cookware and bakeware. Again, it would be ideal for you to get some hand-me-downs from your parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, etc. Of course, if you buy them brand-new you ensure that you are set for the next several years.


Once you are done moving in, you will never want to see a box again. So, it may be beneficial for you to take everything out of boxes and find a home for them. But, you also do not want items scattered in random spots everywhere throughout your new apartment. The solution is easy, get your hands on some storage furniture. This could be anything from storage shelves to desks. Although, if your parents do not mind holding on to a few items that you will have no use for until you buy an actual home, that will more than suffice.

It is going to take you a while to become accustomed to living on your own, so do not overwhelm yourself with what you do not possess. Start off with the above five items and then you can work your way upwards. Once again, this is not all you will need for your first apartment, but it will get your feet wet.