Exotic Interior Decoration Themes

The interior of any house is a personal task because you have to make sure it symbolizes your character. While moving across the globe, you will come across a number of exotic pieces that can find a place in your home. Exotic pieces transform your plain and normal home into a glamorous space that not only shows your taste but your class as well.

Before you pick out that item, you need to make sure you know what theme you have in the home. Let us check out the various exotic themes that you need to consider when shopping for the item.

Serene Atmosphere

If you want to implement a serene atmosphere, you need to go for an Asian theme. Grab a few oriental rugs on your journey and add some natural elements such as flowing water, rocks and some plants. For the bedroom and the seats, get a Mongolian fur pillow to adorn each corner of the bed or each end of the seat.

You can also opt for Japanese to give a clean and simple atmosphere. Opt for white oak and light timber to complete this style.

Go Country

What about a country atmosphere? The typical country home is characterized by wooden floorboard. While on your travels, you can buy a few china, frilly curtains, patterned floral upholstery and many more. A country theme brings out warmth and adds comfort to the home.

Add a Sensual Touch

Does the sensual style appeal to you? Then a Moroccan theme will suit your house. Look for wrought iron elements and go for paintings that have a deep and rich earthy tone to make your home more appealing. For the décor items, you can go for handmade pots, brass and silver lanterns to give your home that warm feeling that you need.


You can always opt for a contemporary theme. This style favours black colour and uses less. The theme is defined by geometrical lines and shapes right from the bedroom to the kitchen to the living room. Therefore, go for décor items that are more of geometrical shapes.  To nail the look, the furniture set should also adhere to this rule.

Nail a Medieval Look

Do you love the medieval times? You can recreate a 16th-century look in the home by going gothic. The aim is to deliver a dark and sophisticated atmosphere. You can opt for dark wooden panelling and go for red and gold upholstery for your space. So, when you come across this kind of upholstery, don’t pass it. You can also go for decorative elements such as Knight Armors and swords to give the space some drama, antique feeling and excitement.

In Closing

Travelling around the world is a joy in itself, but don’t forget to get some items for your house. Choose the décor items depending on the theme you choose for the home. Some themes require geometric shapes while others need just a touch of colour. Take time to make the look complete so that you can appreciate your efforts.