Handheld Fiber Laser Technology

Laser engraving technology offers solutions in many industries for identification, traceability personalization and signage purposes.

It basically works by generating a powerful precise beam of light which heats and evaporates the surface of the material.

In the past and still to this day, big and bulky tool based machines are utilized in a warehouse to engrave.

Nowadays, due to revolutionary improvements in technology. It is possible to engrave with a much smaller device. The introduction of handheld laser engraving devices makes cutting and engraving a much easier process.

The introduction of handheld lasers

As a result of the smaller handheld device more laser engraving businesses are launching themselves into the market. Probably because of the fact the engrave is portable a lot of freelancers are offering their customer services in a niche market as it is a great tool for improving your productivity, your brand image and offers creative freedom.

Laser types

Handheld lasers are also known as fiber laser marking machines. The fiber laser technology is the latest one to appear on the market. It is believed to be better than other traditional methods such as gas or crystal and uses different technology. Gas lasers usually use co2 and crystal lasers use Nd: YAG. However, fiber laser technology uses a fiber optical laser at the center of the machine.

The reason fiber laser technology is viewed as a forerunner in the market is that it has many benefits which allow the user to engrave more effectively and efficiently. Below is a list of the main benefits.

Can be used and operated anywhere

The biggest benefit of fiber lasers is that they have handheld portable models which can be operated in any location via USB or Bluetooth.

It is Computer-driven and therefore easy to automate

Automated laser processes can save time, energy and material compared with traditional processes.

A non-contact process

As they are controlled by computers fiber lasers operate with a non-contact process. This allows for less wear and tear of the machine.

Flexible use

It can be implemented for all users’ needs and types of production, It can be used for both personal use or industrial use.

Doesn’t use consumables

This laser technology does not use consumables such as traditional marking machines such as ink based printing or chemical etching which uses acid can cause damage to the environment.  The fact that fiber lasers do not use solvents, ink or any other chemical product for cutting and engraving operations makes them more Economic and environmentally-friendly. The work is clean.

A recommended handheld laser

If you are looking for a handheld laser engraver that is affordable and produces a high-quality marking then you can check out https://www.needham-coding.com/system/portable-handheld-laser-marking-systems/ .

This laser technology controlled by powerful software that can import designs, logos and identification marks in almost any format and enables the laser to make all kinds of codes including text. When the software is installed it can be controlled by connecting the laser to a laptop or tablet. This can be set up quickly and can be operated anywhere for portable use.

It is very flexible and easy to use. You just have to place the machine against the material you wish to mark and press a button to start engraving.