How to Fix a Faulty food Mixer and a Link for Where to go for a New One

It is good to know that not much wrong can go wrong with a food mixer.  If you have a good machine but do not know how to trouble shoot then you can take a look here.

If you need a new mixer then you can take a look at Mixer Picks website for more information with reviews on the best mixers on the market.

Anyone who does a lot of baking will have some help in the form of a mixing gadget.  It is not fun to be spending unnecessary time on manually beating cake batter, kneading bread dough or whisking up cake filling when you can get some help.

How do they work?

As mixers become more reliable with new technology with new brushless motors that do not burn out you will find there is a mixer for you.

Your food mixer with the aid of a small motor can do the mixing of ingredients for you. The motor rotates the beaters in opposite directions, the beaters are detachable so an easily be cleaned. It will have variable speeds to give you different amounts of power to get the job done.

Portable or stationary?

Portable mixers also known as hand mixers and stationary mixers also known as stand mixers both work in the same way so trouble shooting methods are the same.  A smaller portable hand mixer can handle small and easy mixing of ingredients (they have small motors).  A larger stand mixer can work on larger batches of ingredients and can also knead dough.

Tools of the trade

The tools for fixing your food mixer are screwdrivers, small wrenches and a multi meter or continuity tester.

Even if you have an old food mixer you may still be able to get the specific replacement parts, it is worth checking with the manufacturer.

Trouble at the mill

Most of the time the parts that are working the hardest will be the parts that fail first, some of the parts that can be checked for wear and tear are listed here;

  • The electrical cord
  • The switches
  • The motor
  • Fuses
  • Speed control
  • Gears
  • Beaters


Problem, not working at all

  • First check the plug
  • Then check the cord
  • Test the switch
  • Check the fuse

The plug is relatively easy to replace, just make sure you have the right one with the correct amp fuse

You can check the cord with a multi tester or continuity tester, the tools for replacing a cord are simple, you need a screwdriver, wire stripper and wire connectors. A cord is an insulated electrical cable as there are many different types for carrying different electrical loads you just need to make sure you have the right one.

The switch can also be checked with a multi tester but you will need to dissemble the mixer to get to it. (Always photograph any dissembling or take notes or sketches when you do this so you can put it all back together).

If you get a zero ohms reading then the switch is ok, if the reading is high or fluctuating the switch is either broken or dirty.

The contacts should be firmly connecting when the switch is on; if there is not a firm connection the next step is to replace the switch.

If you are lucky and it is just a bit dirty with grease and debris you can clean it using a small file or electrical contact cleaner (but don’t overdo it). As you clean it operate the control switches at the same time to get into the works with the spray cleaner.

A fuse can be tested with a multi tester and it should show continuity. Fuses protect the appliance so are very important.

To replace a faulty fuse you will need solder and soldering gun and make absolutely sure you replace it with exactly the same size fuse. If the appliance still gives up on some functions then you need to take a further look at what is causing the fuse to burn out.

N.B Re wires; if you can see debris around any of the wires you can clean them with a small piece of light emery paper, but take care to work with a light touch

Not working on all speeds

If this is the case the speed switch needs cleaning or replacing (see above)

Motor seems to be on but beaters not turning

  • Test the motor and replace if necessary
  • Check to see if the shaft of the motor is bent (replace it)
  • Check to see if the motor is creating a spark (replace it)
  • Check the internal gears for misalignment (service or replace)

It is understandable that we become attached to our appliances, especially if you are a solitary chef working away to feed your friends and family.  If you are good at fiddly electrical jobs you can use this guide to fix most kitchen appliances.  If you find that it is just not worth fixing, now you know where to go for a new mixer, check the link above.