How to Live Large in a Small Space

Whether you live in a condo, tiny home or apartment, you can transform your space in a beautiful, functional place to live. You only need to find a solution that works for you and your needs. These tips will help you get started.

Self Storage Facilities

At times, the best way to organize your home is to find a place to store the extra belongings. Sure, you can dispose of what you don’t require, but it makes perfect sense to pay for storage for things that you need. Even then, be careful when choosing a facility. At the very least, it should offer a safe place to keep your items until when you require them. Visit to learn more about Smart Lock, a reputable self-storage facility and how they can help safeguard your possessions.


One of the easiest ways to make a small space feel large is to set areas for a specific use such as working, eating, resting and so on. You can, for instance, use area rugs to maximize the available room without partitioning your home. Or, you can opt for a bookcase way to divide your room.

Multi-functional Furniture

You can create more space in your home if you’re creative enough. Consider mounting floating shelves above your door frames or unused corners. Invest in beds and sofas with hidden drawers and compartments to allow you to store off-season clothing, curtains and cushions.

Install Mirrors

Yes. A large, floor length mirror placed in your bedroom or entryway can go a long way in magnifying the surrounding light. The idea is to make your room look brighter and larger. You can also use mirrored lampshades or reflective objects such as furniture with steel, aluminum or chrome finish. The only thing to do here is to ensure that you place your mirrors strategically and that you don’t overdo it.

Go Green

You don’t need to place aesthetic plants in your house especially if you don’t have a lot of space. You can opt for indoor plants such as hanging spider plants. Or you can choose banana leaf plants to introduce greenery into your living room. Be sure to select plants that are easy to maintain and take care of. Consider creating a “jungle” inside your space by using potted succulent plants placed near your shelves or windows.

The Bottom Line

Creating more space in your home or office shouldn’t be a problem. Ensure that you de-clutter your room once in a while. Remember, scattered trinkets and other belongings can fill up your home quickly. Besides, they can cause accumulation of dust, making your house uninhabitable.

Only buy what you need.  Make sure that there is enough room to place big items such as furniture. Allocate space for specific items such as books and travel souvenirs. On top of that, know when to expand your home to accommodate what you own. At times, it doesn’t make sense to stock up your household with things when you have no place to store them.