The Role of the Event Decor Committee

Any event requires the best level of organization and preparation. Whether you are doing it on your own or using a planner, you need to make sure everything is in place before the start of the day. You might have to come up with an event décor committee for the day. Let us look at the different roles of this committee on the day of the event.

Pick a Theme

The event will depend on the theme to get a direction on color and other aspects of decoration. Before the event, you need to get a color theme and stick to it. For instance, you can get inspiration from different kinds of sources. If you are planning a corporate event, you can go for a theme that uses the colors of the logo.

The color scheme will be manifested all through the event right from the door to the seats.

Get Volunteers

Decorating the venue for an event isn’t a walk in the park. You need all the help you can get to pull it off. One of the best ways would be to identify volunteers that you are going to work with. These volunteers ought to have time for the tasks; otherwise you might end up disappointed.

Have a Plan

You need to have a plan for decorating the event. The plan ought to include the supplies you need and when you need them. You can assign each task to a particular volunteer so that come d-day everything is in order.

The plan you come up with ought to be within the rules and regulations of the venue. The plan should also be within the dictates of the theme, that is if you have one. You can share the plan with the chief organizer of the event to know whether it is feasible or not. listen to a few suggestions and change one or two things to make it workable.

Identify Related Committees

You need to identify the committees that your role overlaps with. For instance, you need to work with the entertainment, food, invitations and more. Make sure you communicate to them the plan and find out how they come in.

Getting the Items

Before you can hop onto the bus and head to the nearest mall to get the items, you need to know exactly what you need. One thing that will restrain your reach will be the budget you have been presented with. You need to break down everything so that you don’t miss out on any item.

There are some items that you will purchase, while others will need you to hire. Disposable items will need to be purchased. On the other hand, since this is a one-time event, you need to hire some items such as linen. Make sure you work with the right linen supplier. Check out Linen Hire | Table cloth Hire | Coloured Linen Hire | Chair Cover Hire to get the right linen for the day.

Don’t just choose the supply that comes first; make sure the color and design are as closer to the theme as possible.

It is usually god practice to get the supplies early in advance so that you don’t find yourself in a loop on D-day. A week or a few days before the event is recommended.

The D-day

You need to know when the event is starting so that you can decorate the venue beforehand. After you have the supplies in place, you need to start setting up a day or a few hours before the event. This gives you ample time to make changes as necessary.

A day before the event, you need to understand whether all the volunteers will be available or not. If all of them won’t be available, find some more to replace them and delegate the tasks.

You also need to monitor the décor process on the D-day. Make sure everything is in order before the start of the event. It doesn’t stop here; you also need to make sure everything is working as required during the function. Some décor items tend to fade as the day goes by, your team needs to be at hand to rectify any issue.

In Closing

Organizing a successful event isn’t all about making the guests happy – it is also how you set up your venue. Take time to know what you need and set it up according to your theme. Make sure you have a few volunteers to make the day worthwhile for everyone.