Taking the Dive: My First Time Scuba-Diving!

17When we were on the road and heading to the airport, I was as anxious as I had ever been in my life. When you’re going on your very first vacation, you’re going to be hit with an abundance of emotions. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure how I would fare on the plane. Planes tend to scare me, and since I haven’t really been on one before, it was going to be a process I needed to work through. My kids and wife were with me so I wasn’t too worried, and they kept reassuring me that I would be fine throughout the whole flight. I’m not going to lie, that’s probably the sweatiest I’ve ever been in a public situation, and I’m a public speaker for a living! Mexico has never been a place that I had been looking at for long, but the clear waters and sandy beaches were too much for me to say no. I’ve never been one to stay in the water a very long time as well, so this is a big leap for me. I’m taking out two birds with one stone here, I get to take on my fear of both planes and water at the same time.

scuba_diving_gbWhen we landed in Mexico I noticed it was a rather beautiful setting, and the community is very welcoming. My wife is Mexican herself, so she could communicate with the locals quite efficiently (I’m Irish, so I had no business in trying to speak with anybody other than “Gringos”!). We were also going to visit my wife’s family, who happened to live in one of the middle-class areas within the city. We got off of the plane and headed down to the arrivals sections – from there we got a taxi and took it to our hotel. The hotel was amazing, we had two rooms booked so that all of us could have a decent amount of space. They were able to accommodate everything I had asked for, they were even lenient on trying to find me a portable generator (if only they thought about that one site, Home Improvement Guru), but ultimately couldn’t come through (that’s fine, I don’t hold any grudges!).

As we set up for the very first night, my wife reminded me that we were going to get into scuba diving tomorrow. I’m not the best swimmer, and I always think there’s going to be some sort of massive monster in the water, but you can thank Hollywood for all of that. My kids liked the fact that they had a room to themselves, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t get that much sleep – the next morning they had eyes that were redder than the Devil’s butt cheeks and they said they barely got any rest. I suppose that’s what you get when you sit up and watch Mexican television the entire night!

The Big Day: Getting Into the Water

Scuba Diving ExperienceWhen it was time to scuba dive, I was as excited as I could ever be. Well, it was a mix of excitement and nervousness, but my wife seemed like she had done this a million times before. She kept telling me to “relax” and that “I was going to be fine!”, but I still didn’t believe her! We got to the boat and there was a fit looking young man there to greet us, he said that all we needed to do was go through some basic rules and techniques before we could actually dive. We trained in a small pool that they had at the resort, as they didn’t want to toss us in the water without any experience at all. My kids were pretty great in the water, my wife as well, but I was having a relatively tough time on my own. The instructor had to stay with me almost the entire time, and at one point I panicked and thought my breathing apparatus wasn’t working (it was, I was just having an anxiety attack). I was hard-pressed to call off the dive, but my family had been looking forward to it for way too long.

scuba-sharkIn the end, I didn’t end up diving, but I did get to see the rest of my family enjoying themselves under the water! I went on the boat with them, as well as talked about what they saw and if they would have done it again; sometimes I wish I was able to actually go through with it myself! It just didn’t feel safe, and I clearly wasn’t ready. Such is life – some people just aren’t meant to spend extended periods of time under the water! I’m clearly one of those candidates