The best beaches nobody ever talks about

While most people dream of visiting exotic beaches in places like the Maldives and Thailand, all too often they are just setting themselves up for disappointment. Awaiting them are throngs of tourists who made it there first, along with everything mass tourism brings with it – litter, dirt, noise, crowds, pushy hawkers, drunken mobs, fights, high-rise hotels, shopping malls, prostitution and exorbitant prices. It’s quite common to see people come back from the holiday of their dreams looking like they’ve just woken up from a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be that way, though:

There are innumerable beautiful and unspoiled beaches dotted around every continent which have avoided the gaze of the masses, thanks to their relative inaccessibility, the short duration of their summer season or perceived threats in the area such as disease, crime and government instability. For (slightly) more intrepid travelers, we have taken a look at just some of these beaches to help you plan your stress-free beach getaway. Then it’s just going to be a case of hitting the treadmill to get that beach body before you buy your tickets! Haven’t got a treadmill yet? Take a look at Treadmill Trends.

First up is Fintra Bay, Ireland – a beautiful and relatively secluded golden beach with clear, unpolluted water lapping at its shore in gentle waves. The area is popular with locals, to whom it is well-known, but as there are only a handful of villages in the area, the beach is often completely deserted. The area has a real rural feel to it – there are no high-rise hotels here. You’ll likely stay in a traditional bed and breakfast run by a local Irish family. You can enjoy a spot of hiking or cycling in the lush green hills around the bay, stroll through the picturesque villages and knock back a few pints of Guinness with the locals in the pub. After that you could enjoy a run along the beach, a swim and perhaps a spot of fishing. It doesn’t get much more relaxing than that!

Next we’ll jet you off to the Middle East to spend some time chilling at Jiyeh Beach, Lebanon. Lebanon’s tourist industry has taken quite a knock since the eruption of the civil war in neighboring Syria and the instability it has caused within Lebanon itself. Nothing will be further from your mind, however, as you enjoy one of the most peaceful and well-kept beaches in the area. There are some hotels and restaurants designed to cater for tourists and you’ll find the prices surprisingly low and the service very friendly. In fact, you’ll feel like you’re on an exclusive holiday due to the lack of international tourists. So kick back, treat yourself to a massage and Arabic spa before stuffing your face with as much falafel and shish kebabs as you can!

Henderson Island hassome of the most beautiful and interesting beaches in the world in terms of their flora, fauna and history. Yet, the island itself never sees more than a couple dozen visitors every year. This could be down to the fact that it is actually an uninhabited island which is used as a retreat by some of the islanders from Pitcairn Island, which itself only has a population of around sixty people, under whose jurisdiction Henderson falls.

Henderson has four birds, ten plants and a whole host of insects that are not found anywhere else in the world. It lies over 3,000 miles from the nearest landmass and over 100 miles from the nearest human settlement, Pitcairn – itself the most isolated community of humans in the world.

The last place we’d like to suggest you look at is the beach at Nouakchott, Mauritania. It’s a stunning, empty stretch of white sand looking out westward across the Atlantic Ocean. It makes a perfect spot to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. Swimming can be perilous due to the high currents, but you may be able to persuade some of the local fishermen to take you out on their boats, so long as you pay them handsomely. Most people are friendly and will be curious about outsiders. When you’re done on the beach, take a stroll around the old town and join the locals for a delicious cup of mint tea.