The Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams 13 inch Gel Mattress Review

Resting moments and having a goodnight sleep are very vital for leading a healthy life. It helps us to be fresh and remove stress too. However, sleeping for the right amount of hours is dependent on some essential factors such as stress level, room temperature, comfort, and many more. However, the most vital thing that helps us have a nice restful sleep is a good mattress. The ideal mattress will also enable us to get rid of back pains.

1-serta2Any individual searching for a new mattress should not look further than a Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams 13-inch Gel mattress. This mattress is made by Dreamfoam Bedding which is medium sized, family owned company. It began operation in the year 1995, in Arizona due to the effort of two brothers. In view of the price, this is a serious venture. Therefore, let’s look at what a customer gains from the above product. This is a 13-inch mattress constructed from memory foam filled with gel. This gel-filled technology is inventive. It is made to aid in heat production throughout the night. The company says that the mattress is very different from others. It comprises of two maximum density bottom layers making it extremely solid. This mattress is available in various sizes.

Product specifications1127_large

  • An individual has the ability of using this mattress on any ideal support base. While some individuals prefer a box spring to maximize the height of a bed, some appropriate support like a platform bed comprising of slats is enough.
  • The three layers of the mattress work together to offer maximum body support while at the same time preventing heat from building up common in conventional foam mattresses. The Queen Size gel mattress is approximately 80 inches long, 60 inches wide and 13 inches in height. The mattress also weighs about 105 pounds after it is unpacked.
  • The Dreamfoam Ultimate mattress comes in three layers. The topmost layer has 3 inches of gel filled in memory foam. This tends to conform to an individual’s weight and body shape. Additionally, it helps maintain optimal body temperature. The next layer comprises of 2 inches, 5lb foam that provides bodily support for maximum comfort. Lastly, the remainder of 8 inches is a high performance and high density bottom layer.

What makes this one the ideal choice?

This mattress is certiPUR certifiedlady-americana-specialty-cosmic1

This only means that the above mattress is separately certified by a third entity to have minimum VOCs, and have no formaldehyde, heavy metals, ozone depleters, phthalates, or PBDEs. Incidentally, i only recommend mattresses that have certiPUR certification.

It is very affordablemattress11-600x300

We can spend all the time shopping for foam mattresses in local stores and we quickly notice how costly they can be. You cannot get a 13-inch foam mattress with 4 and 5lb, high density and of superior quality for 714.87 dollars. It is considerably less costly compared to Tempur-Pedic and we find it similar in terms of quality. Bedding from Dreamfoam surpasses the conventional method of purchasing mattresses from other producers. They eventually end up selling them to store owners that comprise of high overhead, expensive advertising and expensive rent hence the reason it is less costly. These individuals buy directly from the factory. This is comparable to acquiring a much more costly mattress at a wholesale price. Unlike several ‛bed-in-a-boxʼ companies who are slightly more than marketing companies collaborating with foam manufacturers, Dreamfoam essentially have their personal manufacturing factory located in Arizona. In simple terms, i am purchasing from a manufacturer that understands mattresses.

It is comfortablen1

Some people tend to find the mattress slightly odd at the beginning since they have shifted from using the conventional mattress. I will only require a number of nights to adjust to this mattress and achieve more comfortable, cool and soft feelings as i sleep or rest. The benefit of switching to a Dreamfoam mattress is that it can sink my whole body while at the same time supporting my body firmly. Even though more time is needed for my body to adjust to this new environment, I will eventually notice my problems fading away as a result of the above mattress.

Additionally, if one is a side or back sleeper, then it is very likely that they will find the mattress very comfortable. Actually, I was astonished when I tried it for the first time. I did not expect that it would be so comfortable owing to the fact that it is a less costly mattress. The gel-filled top layer makes sure that i do not feel extremely hot. The layers make it certain that the mattress is firm enough hence no shifting movement. The comfort feature of this mattress is as a result of the technologies used.

It minimizes the pressure on your bodyPuer-Touch-ViscoGel-Web

The materials used and the multilayered design enables this mattress to minimize the amount of pressure my body feels while am lying down. Research shows that conventional traditional mattresses result to discomfort amongst side sleepers. This is caused by the poor design. However, the Dreamfoam Ultimate mattress is the solution to these problems.

It is 100 percent manufactured in the USARavelli-Luxury-Mattress-Purple-Bow

Nowadays, it is not a simple task to come across a mattress made in the USA and affordable too. This mattress is among a small number of brands manufactured in the USA. Plus, more significantly, all the components found in the mattress are also produced in US. Therefore, i do not have to worry about its longevity and durability.

It has little smellTwo-Sided-Mattress

The Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams 13 inch gel mattress is not smelly compared to other traditional foam mattresses. This is because the Dreamfoam Bedding has adopted various shipping and stocking processes. The company will only compress the foam mattress after I have made an order. By doing this, it ensures there is minimal smell remaining in the already compressed mattress and the smell will not hang on for long in my room after taking it out of the box.

The downsiden2

It has limited availability.

Since the mattress is only available on amazon, they can run out stock. They can also run low, and if they sell out a specific size, it can take several days to stock up again.


This mattress is definitely one of the best 10 inch memory foam mattresses recommended due to a number of reasons. It has a 20-year warranty, certified by certiPUR, adjustable-base friendly, supportive, durable and very comfortable. Dreamfoam Bedding is also transparent about the densities and materials they use when making their foams. This is a rare occurrence especially in this current industry. It is difficult to come across such a mattress selling at an affordable price.