The Health Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress and Why You Should Get One

A good night’s sleep has become elusive for many busy bees like me. I work 18 hours a day and a mere 6-8 hours of sleep has become pure luxury. However, I don’t exactly have the nicest mattress in the world. I actually use a sofa that converts into a bed, which isn’t exactly the most ideal if you want a good night’s sleep.

To be honest, it’s the very bed I used in college and I never really felt the need to buy a new one. Why fix something that’s not broken, right? Wrong! My needs as a teen were completely different from my needs now that I’m an adult. Being more than 30, some health issues have started to arise.

I have severe back pain after working on my desk for more than 2 hours, I get dizzy easily when I do one specific task for several hours, and I have a number of physical discomforts that were never there before.

500-100056301-847__1I’ve heard so much about memory foam mattresses and how it can help you regulate your sleeping patterns, reduce certain pains, and even alleviate chronic fatigue. I started with a memory foam topper as I don’t really have the money right now to buy myself an entire mattress.

Based on what I’ve discovered, the health benefits of memory foam are actually scientifically backed and tested. The very first memory foam mattresses were offered to the public in the early 1990’s and numerous studies have been done on its health benefits.

For me, my memory topper has done wonders for my health – I sleep better and longer, I no longer have those mild joint pains on my arms, and I don’t wake up as much at night. I did my own research on the actual health benefits of these mattresses and allow me to share to you what I’ve discovered.

How a Memory Foam Mattress Can Help With Your Health

j2w4g_Richmond 3ftl Mem FYes, manufacturers of foams and mattresses tell you that memory foam is the next best thing in bedding. And yes, it feels incredibly good to the skin and the body as you lie down, and yes, they’re luxurious and quite frankly, expensive. But they’re more than just giving you that ultimate comfort that no other mattress has ever given before.

Memory foam mattresses were specifically created to reduce the G forces experienced by astronauts upon take-off and when re-entering the earth’s atmosphere. Developed for NASA, memory foam provides a number of health benefits that go way beyond mere comfort.

Memory-Foam-Mattress-Topper (1)Among its major health benefits include:

  • Prevents Allergies and Asthma
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Alleviates Pain
  • Supports Uninterrupted Sleep

Allow me to discuss these benefits further and help you discover why memory foam could be a great addition to your health efforts.

Prevents Allergies and Asthma

memory-foam-mattress-topperTraditional coil mattresses attract dust mites because they provide food to these bugs in the form of dead skin cells that get trapped inside the foam. Memory foam, however, is a solid piece of foam with very high viscosity, which prevents the proliferation and survival of dust mites. Thus, with less of these bugs and other bacteria, users with sensitive allergies and even asthma won’t have recurring reactions and attacks as compared to the use of traditional mattresses.

Improves Blood Circulation

Because the foam evenly distributes your weight evenly, it promotes proper blood circulation, and thus, prevents bed sores, and swollen calves and feet.

Alleviates Pain

Sleep-Innovations-12-inch-Sure-Temp-Memory-Foam-MattressMemory foam is dense and has a supportive nature. As it contours to the shape of your body, it alleviates pain by reducing stress on your joints – thereby reducing the symptoms of arthritis and chronic joint pain.

This type of mattress helps to correct spinal alignment, thereby relieving back and neck pain and reducing instances of headaches; promotes proper cushioning of the pelvis and hips to reduce the risk of swollen hip joints; as well as helps to reduce the stress on the lower back area of pregnant women.

Supports Uninterrupted Sleep

tempur-pedic--cloud--tue-24-mar-2015-12-17-12-4370Sleep is essential for healing and the more you have of it, the more it helps to repair damaged cells in the body. The reason why most people keep waking up at night is due to tossing and turning, as pressure points on the shoulders, hips, and legs cause physical stress that forces you to shift from one position to another.

Memory foam mattresses have been proven to reduce tossing and turning by up to 80%, which helps to promote uninterrupted sleep for better overall health.

In Conclusion

The information I share here were gathered from many different sources and are the very reasons why I finally decided to move from sofa bed to memory foam topper to memory foam mattress. I am still in the process of looking for the best memory mattress for me, but I already have a couple of top choices.

If you’re not quite sure if you should buy the best memory foam mattress for yourself, the above listed benefits are fantastic reasons to start to take a look into why it can be a great purchase or investment. Health is wealth, as they say, and sleep should always be a part of your health efforts equation.