How to Use Instagram to Stay Relevant in a Volatile Business Climate

If you want your business to stay relevant in such a busy economy, then you need to create more revenue. One of the best ways to do this and remain relevant is to use social media to promote your goals.

Traditionally, social media was a hub for people looking to communicate with their peers and more, but times have changed and you can now find buyers for your products from these platforms.

Since most adverts are visually driven, it is just natural that you go for a site that encourages the use of visual media to communicate – Instagram. The platform started out as a simple app that allows for visual-centered socializing, but things have changed and at the moment the site is all about brand promotion through images, video and Stories.

But, using this platform us more than just uploading content, if you want to get maximum ROI from your posts, then you need to maintain some best practices that are specific for this platform. the following guidelines help you use the platform as a marketing tool that helps you achieve more sales and get new customers.

Use Engaging Visuals

One of the best things that you can do to boost your Instagram presence is to take photos meant for Instagram like a professional. With millions of brands on the platform, each is opting for better images, so you don’t need to lag behind. If you go for low quality images you stand to lose your track and appeal.

The images that your users have seen and viewed before are top quality, and you need to maintain such a quality. If you can afford it, then buy a top-notch camera for the task, or hire a professional photographer for the task.

Here are a few tips to get the perfect shots:

    • Use natural light at all times to take these shots.
    • Think about the message you need to communicate before you take that photo. Take time to place the objects in areas that you want them to appear before you take that ultimate image.
    • Only aim for clean images that are well-balanced. Make sure you take into consideration the angle, background and composition before you take the shot.
    • Take several images. This way you get to choose the best from all the ones that you end up with.
    • After taking the shots, apply some filters but not so much.

You need to remember that no matter the quality of the photos you take; it is what you have in the photo that matters to you. Using promotional subjects in the images makes it hard for you to communicate what you want.

Show the Users What They Expect

This one might be obvious, but we need to emphasize it some more. You need to get content that appeals to all your audience. This means you need to consider their engagement behaviors and come up with content that makes them tick. In short you need to connect with your audience through the images and content that you post. Failure to do this won’t give you the visibility you need.

Get More Followers

It is usually a great idea to sell out some items, but when you have a wide customer base to sell to, and then you are sure you will deliver the content to a wider base than what you have. Getting followers is not an easy task, especially if you go for the manual strategy. Instead, Fred Harrington advises you to go for a site that sells followers.

The Bottom-line

Before you can market your products on Instagram, you need to understand the best practices that make it more successful.